The Village At Santa Barbara Owners Association


As a California Common Interest Development, The Village at Santa Barbara is governed by the requirements set forth in the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act and applicable federal and state laws and local ordinances. In addition, since The Village was constructed on leased land, it must adhere to the lease requirements of the Goleta Union School District, owner of the property. The governing body for this community is The Village at Santa Barbara Owners Association, Inc., led by a five-member Board of Directors charged with enforcing the governing document requirements according to their hierarchy of authority. The most relevant documents for Owners in their day-to-day living at The Village are the Rules & Regulations and the CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions). In general anything affecting the exterior of the buildings and the common areas requires Board or Management approval. The reference documents are listed below.

Common Interest Development Governance Hierarchy
Recorded Ground Lease 1982-83
Ground Lease Summary July 1982
Ground Lease Assignment July 1983
Summary of Provisions of Original 1983 Sublease and Transfer of Residential Townhouse
Articles of Incorporation 2011
Bylaws 2011
Bylaws Amendment 2014
CC&Rs Restated Declaration 2011
CC&R Amendment 2014
Rules and Regulations 2012
Election Rules 2012